Cricket is the most loved sport in India without a doubt. And while every child plays the game just out of their free spirit and because of their love for the game, those who go on to take the sport seriously need to invest in good equipment to enhance their game. It is absolutely essential to have a good pair of cricket shoes to protect the feet from injury while running, or while facing a ball. Here is a list of the best cricket shoes brands in India for you to keep on playing the sport with confidence and in style.

Top 10 Cricket Shoes Brands In India 2023

Best Cricket Shoe Brands Price Range
Adidas Cricket ShoesRs 6,999 – 12,000
Puma Cricket ShoesRs 3,400 – 8,000
New Balance Cricket ShoesRs 4,500 – 6,000
Nivia Cricket ShoesRs 950 – 1,800
DSC Cricket ShoesRs 449 – 999
Pro Ase Cricket ShoesRs 1,299 – 3,000
Zigaro Cricket ShoesRs 1,080 – 4,200
Spartan Cricket ShoesRs 1,200 – 1,600
BAS Vampire Cricket ShoesRs 1,100 – 1,386
Feroc Cricket ShoesRs 999 – 2,000
Asics Cricket ShoesRs 4,899 – 7,400
Vector X Cricket ShoesRs 499 – 630
Nodens Cricket ShoesRs 599 – 999

*Prices are subject to change

10 Best Cricket Shoes Brands In India 2023

1. Nodens Cricket Shoes

Best Cricket Shoes Brands
Nodens Cricket Shoes

Nodens cricket shoes will provide the best experience while running around the field. Since the game involves a lot of running in between the wickets and also fetching, it is exceedingly important to have on a great pair of shoes that can assist in the running, without putting any pressure on the feet.

Ideal for intermediate players, this pair of cricket shoe features a sturdy upper with breathable mesh. It has an extra solid rubber sole with ergo rubber spikes for a good grip.

2. Spartan Cricket Shoes

Spartan shoes have always been topping the list of cricket lovers because of their custom made shoes. The shoes have added padding and cushioning and the mesh nylon and pure linen make the shoes breathable and lightweight at the same time. Your feet will always be at ease and look attractive whenever you step into them.

Crafted from high quality material, Spartan cricket shoes are slip-resistant and just right when you desire to make a compelling style statement on field.

3. Vector X Cricket Shoes

Vector X Cricket Shoes

Vector X shoes are quite renowned and are some of the best in the low to mid range segment for sports shoes. The cricket shoes provide fairly good padding and resistance to the feet and offer protection from impact as well as assist in good running. The shoes are quite popular among young players and are also one of the most affordable cricket shoe brands in the country.

The soles of the shoes provide maximum return whether you’re running between the wickets for a quick run or out on the field. It is abrasion resistant, tough, and light in weight.

4. Asics Cricket Shoes

Asics Cricket Shoes

Japanese brand Asics has been a kind of game changer in the world of cricket shoes and not without a reason. There are a number of first line cricketers who use this shoe for training as well as gaming purposes. The shoes are little on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price but they provide great value for money and can last for years.

Asics cricket shoes feature a stable upper construction that’s constructed with synthetic leather overlays and reinforcement panels at the sides for better midfoot support. It also implements gel technology cushioning in the rearfoot to reduce shock from harsh landings and abrupt braking.

5Feroc Cricket Shoes

Feroc Cricket Shoes

Feroc shoes are one of a kind and they come in interesting colors as well, which is sure to make the game of cricket more entertaining and stylish at the same time. The brand is known for its perfect fit and the shoes are also great for other kinds of sports activity. These cricket shoes are extremely sharp and give new-found strength and help for running and playing the sport.

The shoes feature Injection EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) midsole and the inside shoe liner is made with extra cushioning for added comfort. It also boasts mesh lining on the outer side for ultimate breathability and ventilation.

6. BAS Vampire Cricket Shoes

BAS Vampire Cricket Shoes

BAS Vampire is one of the most reputed brands in the world of shoes and their cricket shoes bear testimony to this reputation. The cricket shoes are made from high quality rubber latex, have natural fibers and they are light and breathable, which makes them a favorite for players who have to spend long hours in them.

The upper portion is made of synthetic embossing to keep the feet and dry and ventilated. It features a polyester cloth lining and foam to add comfort around the ankle and tongue heel counter.

7. Zigaro Cricket Shoes

Zigaro Cricket Shoes

Zigaro has been one of the most favoured brands of shoes for a long time because of their performance and the users have always rated the shoes very highly. The brand’s cricket shoes are stylish and easy to maintain, which is an added plus. They can also be washed easily, so you can enjoy your game of cricket on a muddy field without any worry.

The shoes are made from PU material. It features a lace up closure for a proper and snug fit. The flexibility of the laces helps maintain a firm grip to provide the right amount of support to your feet.

8. Pro Ase Cricket Shoes

Pro Ase Cricket Shoes

Pro Ase is a one of a kind shoe brand that has managed to be on the top even amidst the deluge of other brands of shoes in the market. The brand’s cricket shoes are light and extremely sturdy, which lends great support to the feet during test matches, when the shoes are in for a long stretch of time.

These cricket shoes feature a contemporary refined design with exceptional comfort. It can be used by batsmen, bowlers, fielders, and wicket keepers.

9. DSC Cricket Shoes

DSC Cricket Shoes

Those who are familiar with cricket shoes are also aware of the brand of DSC because of their versatility and strength. The shoes are not just dependable because they provide great value for money but also because they pack in quite a punch in terms of style.

Its up-to-date design provides the best comfort level and makes one look stylish even when sweating it out on the field. It also features a highly resistant PVC upper and outsole as well. These are ideal for beginners and recreational players.

10. Adidas Cricket Shoes

Adidas Cricket Shoes

Adidas is one of the top names in the world when it comes to sports shoes and their cricket shoes are no different. The Howzzat range of shoes is especially meant for cricketers who seek to play like their favourite players. They are very highly recommended by some of the best names of the sporting industry.

The synthetic upper and mesh lining make these lace-ups durable, light in weight, and comfortable to wear, while the rubber outsole will ensure a firm grip to your feet. They are suitable for batting, bowling, and fielding at club level.

11. New Balance Cricket Shoes

New Balance Cricket Shoes
New Balance Cricket Shoes

This cricket shoe from New Balance is light, flexible, and supportive. The leather and synthetic mesh upper is made tough enough to stand up to any competition, and the REVlite midsole has an integrated medial post for responsive cushioning and support.

Built to last from the first over of the day to the very last, this pair of cricket shoes should be your pick if you don’t mind spending a little extra for the quality.

12. Nivia Cricket Shoes

Nivia Cricket Shoes
Nivia Cricket Shoes

Nivia Sports is an Indian sports equipment manufacturer based in Jalandhar, Punjab. Cricket shoes from this brand feature a synthetic upper to ensure comfort as well as control to the wearer. The shoes are equipped with a rubber outsole that delivers excellent traction and durability.

The upper mesh ensures breathability of the feet, and the sole is hard enough for playing on muddy grounds and also on grass grounds. This one’s an ideal pick for intermediate players.

13. Puma Cricket Shoes

 Puma Cricket Shoes
Puma Cricket Shoes

Puma is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, along with apparel. At present, this popular brand is endorsed by cricketers Washington Sundar and Devdutt Padikkal in India. Puma cricket shoes are snazzy yet promise utmost durability.

Specially engineered to enable peak performance on grass or any other hard natural surface, Puma cricket shoes feature a lightweight synthetic upper and an internal support structure. It also has a reinforced toe cap and a multi-studded rubber outsole, offering maximum grip and excellent stability.

FAQs Answered about The – Best Cricket Shoes Brands in India

What is special about cricket shoes?

Just as any other sports, cricketers must also wear shoes that are designed specifically for the game. Ideally, batsmen should choose cricket shoes that have rubber spikes/ metal spikes as they provide a good grip and can enable you to run faster on the pitch. A bowler should look for shoes with studs as they are more capable of providing you with the correct landing position. The spikes are essential (especially for fast bowlers) in order to maintain grip when landing your front foot on the popping crease.

Why do fast bowlers cut their shoes?

Most fast bowlers take a giant leap in their runup before landing on the pitch. Bowlers tear the part above the toe in their landing shoe, so that air can move freely and reduce the pressure on the toe.

Which brand shoes do cricketers wear?

Mostly all leading cricketers have their own take on specialist cricket shoes. Some of the most notable brands that you should be looking out for include Adidas, Kookaburra, New Balance, Puma, Reebok, and Under Armour.

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