Top 10 Best Yogurt Brands In India 2022 : Yogurt is a great source of vitamin D and calcium which is normally missed in our daily meals. Whether you are searching for the best post-workout diet, ready to eat breakfast or mid-day snack, yogurt filled with calcium, vitamins, and protein is the best option you can go for. There are various yogurt options available in the market, from greek yogurts and dairy yogurts to fruit flavoured yogurts. It is a versatile food and can be mixed with various foods of your choice. It gives a delicious taste and has various health benefits. Here is the list of some of the best yogurt brands available in India providing best quality products.

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Top 10 Yogurt Brands In India 2022

  1. Nestle
  2. Amul
  3. Mother Dairy
  4. Kiddle Me
  5. The Tea Planet
  6. Again
  7. Alla’s Posh Flavours
  8. Zoh Probiotics
  9. Urban Platter
  10. Gowardhan

10 Best Yogurt Brands In India 2022

1. Kiddle Me

Kiddle Me Yogurt
Kiddle Me

Kiddle Me is an Indian food and beverages brand. It offers a range of healthy, tasty and ready to eat snacks, yogurt drinks made from the best quality vegetable, fruit, dairy and cereals packed with 15 vitamins and minerals to improve immunity and satisfy the taste buds. Kiddle Me offers fortified yogurt snacks packed with vitamins, minerals, and stabilisers.

2. The Tea Planet

The Tea Planet
The Tea Planet

The Tea Planet is a tea brand and franchise chain that sources the finest tea ingredients around the globe and sells varieties of tea. The brand is operated from Hyderabad, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka with trade representation and production facilities from the USA. The Tea Planer offers good quality strawberry yogurt lassi made from fresh and best quality real fruits by perfectly blending fruits, herbs and yogurt.

3. Again

Again Yogurt

Again is an Indian beverages brand by Bachfun Private Limited. The brand offers a range of beverages with yogurt, dry fruits, nuts, vegetables and fruits with no added sugar, flavours, preservatives, or artificial colours. Again brand offers delicious drinks made of low-fat yogurt which is rich in proteins. There are various natural and nutritious drinks offered by Again which is made of wholesome cashew, almond, honey, dates, jaggery, strawberry, and more.

4. Nestle

Nestle Yogurt

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Nestle is a Swiss multinational foods and drinks brand established in 1866. It is a world-leading food company with a presence in 190+ countries. Nestle offers a variety of foods and beverages products including yogurt, chocolates, coffee, drinks, and more under 2000+ brand names. The creamy, rich, and thick texture makes Nestle a+ Greek yogurt special. It has the goodness of extra calcium and protein and it comes with various flavours to satisfy the taste buds.

5. Amul

Amul Yogurt

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Amul is a Gujarat based milk and dairy products brand in India. It is the brand of the biggest Indian dairy cooperative society, Anand Milk Union Limited. The company was founded by Tribhuvan das Patel in 1946. It is one of the largest milk and milk products brand in India. Amul offers a variety of dairy products such as milk, ghee, yogurt, ice cream, butter, cheese, cream, and more. 

6. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy Yogurt
Mother dairy

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Mother Dairy is an Indian milk and milk products brand founded in 1974. Mother Dairy is the division of the National Dairy Development Board, which comes under the Ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry, and dairying, Government of India. The yogurt offered by Mother Dairy is a tasty and healthy dessert with zero trans fat, high protein, and no added preservatives.

7. Alla’s Posh Flavours

Alla's Posh Flavours yogurt
Alla’s Posh Flavours

Alla’s Posh Flavours is a Ghaziabad based Indian food startup providing good quality gourmet foods and DIY kits to Indian customers. The brand offers premium handcrafted greek yogurt, cheese kit, yogurt kit, and more. Alla’s Posh Flavours offer greek yogurt culture that can be used to make rich, thick, creamy, and delicious yogurt.

8. Zoh Probiotics

Zoh Probiotics Yogurt
Zoh Probiotics

Zoh Probiotics is a yogurt brand that offers good quality greek yogurt with a thick and creamy texture and a mild taste. The yogurt starter offered by Zoh Probiotics can be used to make greek yogurt without any added preservatives and sugars. The yogurt is made with rich ingredients that makes lactose and protein easy to digest. It is also an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and calcium.

9. Urban Platter

Urban Platter Yogurt
Urban Platter

Urban Platter is a Mumbai based Indian gourmet food products company founded by Chirag Kenia and Dhaval Kenia in 2015. The brand offers in-house manufactured and processed snacks, baking essentials, vegan selections, spices, seeds, dried fruits, and more. The Urban Platter yogurt culture capsules contain useful bacteria such as Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium Longum, Fructo-oligosaccharides.

10. Gowardhan 

Gowardhan Yogurt

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Gowardhan is an Indian dairy milk products brand by Parag Milk foods founded by Devendra Shah in 1992. It produces, markets, and sells milk products. A Forbes India report states that it is the second biggest brand for cheese products in India. Apart from Gowardhan, Parag Milk Foods own various brands such as Pride of Cows, Go, and Topp Up. The yogurt offered by Gowardhan is best in taste and quality.

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FAQs About Best Yogurt Brands

Which brand is the healthiest yogurt?

There are various brands like Nestle, Amul, Mother Dairy providing healthy yogurt. You can learn more about different brands by reading this article.

Which yogurt is best in India?

There are different varieties, flavours, and brands are available in India at a different price ranges. You can choose according to your preference.

What brand of yogurt has the most probiotics?

Yogurt offered by almost all brands contains probiotics. But, Zoh probiotics offers one of the best probiotics-rich yogurt in the country.

What is the best time to eat yogurt?

Yogurt is the ultimate food, it can be eaten anytime as it is a rich source of protein, calcium, and probiotics.

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