OYO Flagship 83630 Hotel Sanskar, Mahavan, Mathura, Vrindavan – Hotel Sanskar (Sanskar Guest House) is the biggest fraud hotel in Mathura.

Hotel Sanskar (Sanskar Guest House) is the biggest fraud hotel in Mathura. The distance of this hotel on oyo is listed as 1.8 KM from Prem Mandir but actual distance of Hotel Sanskar from Prem Mandir is 15 KM. Hotel Sanskar is located near Mathura Cut i.e. Yamuna Expressway Cut.

Hotel Sanskar has no resource for commuting from Mathura and Vrindavan. Hotel Sanskar is situated in a very deserted place, where there is neither any shop nor any place to visit from far and wide.

To reach near Hotel Sanskar, from Mathura Railway Station, Mathura and Vrindavan, about 500-600 rupees for reserve vehicle has to be paid for auto. Due to the mixed fraud of hotel rites and oyo people, the tourists staying here have to face many problems and challenges every day. The manager and owner of Hotel Sanskar are so rude that they do not even talk properly. If you book 3 guests here, then you are given blankets and not mats if not extra.

Geyser is not even TV but all facilities are visible on oyo at the time of booking. On talking to the manager and the owner, I get a threat that if you want to stay, stay and go. Even if you complain on oyo then no redressal is available. In recent days i had booked 4 room for 2 days in oyo to hotel sanskar but my experience was so bad that it is impossible to write everything in words.

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  1. Yes, it is true that when we book any hotel in Mathura or Vrindavan through the OYO, then the distance of at that time 1.5 to 02 Km less. And after the booking is confirmed, the distance of the same Hotel showing 15 km away far from the temple which is completely out side rural area. As per my experience last, few days ago we just booked a Hotel on 1st Jan 2022 through OYO Hotel SANSAKAR GUEST HOUSE. on portal that time Hotel distance was showing only 02 km less.
    After booking confirmed same Hotel distance showing 15 km away from the Prem Mandir temple Vrindavan.
    or talk about services on OYO portal i.e. LED, WIFI, GEYSER and Towel ETC. But no any services provided as mention on OYO portal by the Hotel manager and owner. If i am talking about Hotel staff behavior was very bad, It was very bad services.
    OYO and Hotel Sansakar Guest House Owner both are fraud with customer.
    Everyone request to please aware when you are booking any Hotel or Guest house through the OYO App or portal in Mathura or Vrindavan.

    1. मतलब मैं अकेला नही हूँ जिसके साथ उस होटल संस्कार में फ़्रॉड हुआ है
      आप लोगो से अनुरोध है कभी भी इस होटल में ठहरने और oyo के माध्य्म से बुक करने की गलतीं करे ये oyo औऱ होटल के मिलीभगत से हो रहा है,

  2. Yes OYO or Hotel Sanskar Guest house customers ke sath fraud kr rahi had aplog so anurodh hai ke Mathura or Virindavan me jo bhi log hotel booking karenge wo kirpya dhyan so, OYO Wale portal pr booking ke Time 1.5 to 2km so krta hai lekin booking confirmed hone kee Bad wahi hote ki distance 15km door show krta, So please savshan rahe OYO public ke sath fraud fraud fraud ffffffff

  3. Sanskar hotel and oyo both are doing fraud with his customer they show total distance on oyo portal is 1 km and after when will you reach on location then you look the distance between vrindawan and sanskar hotel is around 15 km they cheated with us and hotel service is very worst no wifi no tv.and hotel staffs do misbehave with us they dont know how to talk with our guests

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