My Life Struggle From Childhood To Becoming an Entrepreneur

A 12th passed student hardly crossed the gate of any college; turned into a passionate graphic designer and that graphic designer lit up the fire of getting into a proper business and make more money. Gradually it became a dream to become The Youngest Billionaire in the Nation.

Abhishek Ranvijay Singh is my corporate world name though my documented name is Abhishek Kumar Singh. I’m the Founder & CEO of Urban Filters & Stepping onto my early life it wasn’t that exciting or bread n butter. It was quite similar to many of the other lower-middle-class Biharis.

Since childhood I was very fond of gardening and sowing seeds, planting trees, etc. From a village background in a Toilet was a big surprise for me when I suddenly found one in my village. We just walked into fields with water bottles. While returning back to the home I always had a plant in my hands possibly fruiting plants. If some days I couldn’t find any then I used to walk under the Neem tree to get at least a neem seedling.

ARS Childhood Image

Shifting from my primary school in my village (the Kitchen – where my mother was my teacher) to the private school in Buxar, Bihar – Buxar Public School,  my uncle(mama) Er. Abhinandan Singh (Co-founder – & played a major role. He was my second mother in the city till my parents shifted to the city for my upper educations. When I was in class 4th and about to be into 5th, was put into a hostel by my parents to prepare for Navodaya Vidyalaya, influenced by society. I couldn’t accomplish the 1st Dream of my Parents to get free education up to matriculation.

I along with my younger brother were thrown into another boarding school in Patna – Upkar Public School.  I couldn’t complete the 5th class as I was told to prepare for Sainik School which was the 2nd Dream of my Parents. I was not that good at study but cramming the General Knowledge (Samanya Gyan) book was not tough for me so I managed to be with the topper batches. Though I was just copying the notes. When I heard about the things in the Military School and Sainik Schools I was full of excitement and that became My 1st ever Dream. I cleared the entrance and luckily passed the interview too but the medical checkup was boulder to my path. I was told by the doctors to have surgery as my hearing capacity from the right ear was 98% only and it got a minute hole in the eardrum. I had two options either not to have surgery and be at the Upkar or to have the surgery and to enjoy the new adventurous journey of life at Sainik School Sujanpur Tira, H.P. Though I opted for the 2nd one and had the successful surgery and joined the school.

ARS with his Classmates
ARS with his batchmates
ARS at Principal House Party

That day of joining the school I can never forget. It was 8th April 2010, I was admitted to the school with my friends Gulshan, Ravi, and two others. Life at Sainik School was the best moment I’ve ever lived to date. The teaching staff, Administration, Ground staff, Mess Staffs, and other members of the school society; every member have a great impact on my life. I always had tried to adapt to the best features of those people around me. Though you can read about the adventurous life at Sainik School here.

ARS in a Doctor’s apron

When I found myself to be medically unfit to join NDA then I decided to drop school. The reason I was medically unfit, was the surgery I had in my right ear to join Sainik School. The thing which hurt me most at that time was bad advice from a doctor. So I decided with a strong determination to join some courses for AIPMT/NEET so that I can be a good ENT specialist and came to Varanasi. 

Here I found my parents and relatives were heartbroken with the decision to drop Sainik School. But I was very confident to crack NEET and joined a small coaching institute in Varanasi influenced by one of my uncle’s friends Rambabu Yadav.  One of the main reasons behind opting for Varanasi for the preparation was the low budget as I was not capable to pay the fees in Allen or Aakash at that time. So for the first year (11th) continued with dedicated prep but in the 2nd year, I was totally out of those dedications.

When I met Ritesh

ARS and Ritesh at their friends paty in 2017
ARS with Ritesh on Ganga Ghat in Varanasi to Shoot the Ganga Aarti
The Very first day ARS met with Ritesh

I came to know that I can make money from YouTube videos. Already my pocket money (3000/month) was not sufficient according to my needs. So I managed to get an android phone and started a YouTube channel Leo Tech Support.  Though I continued and made $150 from youtube but never got that money. Being all the time on youtube I got the lowest results in 12th board and broke my parents 2nd time. I planned to continue to study again with full josh and to top the Bihar board. But I was now fond of making money more than following the traditional methods. Though It was my choice to go for NEET I couldn’t keep my focus on it. I started giving tuition classes and started earning money along with running the youtube channel but this time in a planned manner and also passed the Bihar board with First Division (62%). But at the end of the session, I was totally frustrated as I was not able to opt between YouTube and NEET so I finally deleted the YouTube channel and Adsense account too and joined Aakash Institute. Here I had some deposits and some from my parents’ side summed up to let me join the Aakash Institute.

Being Physics YouTube Channel Screenshot

The money worm was still awakening. I was always trying to focus on my studies but the worm kept me bitting and finally, I started bunking the classes and Started giving tuition classes again to make money. I also started providing technical support to local people to gain some fame. One of my physics teachers Prakash Mishra hired me to maintain his YouTube channel (Being Physics) instead of 4000/month. Now It was my full-time job to make money with Sam-Dam-Dand-Bhed. For 4-5 months I managed his YouTube channel but after some time he refused to pay as the growth was not according to his expectation. I also quit as the payment was not up to the mark and on time.

I got to know about LinkedIn so created my first profile over LinkedIn.  Here I was approached by Mr. Krishna Gupta to make YouTube videos for his clients. So this was the starting of my freelance career. I didn’t know the word freelance but I was into it. It went well for some time then we both became so friendly to start an initiative Ask in City. But later on, we were in conflict and blamed each other for happenings and I left. I created the first website of my life on Weebly and now I started discovering the methods on WordPress and created multi websites on WordPress. Now I got to know about graphic design as I had designed the first logo for Ask in City on mobile phone using Desgyner application. So I updated my profile everywhere as a graphic designer and got a project on logo design.

left side with blue blazer is Abhishek Ranvijay Singh and Right Side with grey wears is Krishna Gupta
Abhishek Ranvijay Singh met with Krishna Gupta

Now I and Ritesh were again together and we delivered two logos to the same client one of 2750 INR and another 1080 INR. After one month the same client approached us for a cdr file of each logo which was a new term for us. I ran into the market and found one shop which could resolve our problem but we couldn’t afford his pricing. We tried every possible way to convert a png file into cdr with the help of a mobile phone but couldn’t. Then I got the laptop with the help of Ritesh and then I installed the Coral Draw software and the I redesigned those logos watching YouTube videos.

Till then I was in business and got another project through Facebook from Pune. A travel company had approached for animated video. As I was unable to do that project so I thought to outsource and found a link to Mr. Prashant Gupta (Founder, Motion Picture Learners). This was the turning point of my life when I met this man. He helped me a lot to get what I have today.

will complete it soon……